In terms of construction and range of application, power inverters are often classified in three groups: residential grade inverters, commercial grade inverters, and industrial grade inverters. Below, we look at five important characteristics that are commonly available in industrial power inverters, but are found less often — and, sometimes, not at all — in residential and commercial grade models.

1. Superior Customization

Because industrial work environments tend to have the greatest number of possible requirements for an inverter, industrial power inverters generally offer the biggest range of customization options. The following four features are examples of these customizations.

2. Robust Equipment Housing

Because industrial work environments routinely involve the use of heavy tools and machinery that could damage inverters, industrial grade models frequently feature robust equipment housing that is designed to withstand heavy bumps without cracking or being displaced. This type of equipment housing can be essential for the equipment to fulfill its lifespan.

3. High Electricity Load Rating

A high electricity load rating is common among industrial power inverters, as the electrical systems they serve (e.g., a long, automated assembly line) often have unusually high load requirements. Among customization options for industrial grade inverters, a high wattage load rating is the most common.

4. NEBS Level 3 Certificate

An inverter that has a Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3 certificate is designed to withstand adverse operating conditions that are commonly found in industrial work areas, such as airborne contaminants, unusual temperatures, heavy vibration, and high moisture. There are two other levels of NEBS certification, but Level 3 is the gold standard for industrial power inverters.

5. Excellent Lifespan

Like other types of industrial grade equipment, industrial inverters generally have an excellent lifespan. Featuring robust construction from the inside out, the best industrial models can last for decades, as long as they are properly used and maintained. Industrial models tend to be more expensive than residential or commercial models, but there’s a trade off: You don’t need to replace them as often.

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