Inverter manufacturers install an alarm on inverters for a reason. It signals when the battery is low on power or when the inverter has a capacity overload. Sometimes industrial power inverters keep beeping continuously. There is no need to panic if this happens. It’s not that dangerous a problem, which you will soon realize.

Disconnect extra loads to stop beeping

As the beeping may be because of an overload, it helps if you disconnect any extra load on it. Another possible reason for the continual being is a stuck cooling fan.

Call the professionals to take a look at the fan

Inverter manufacturers install a fan in all their inverters that runs for as long as the unit is operational. It is when the cooling fan can no longer maintain a cool enough temperature for the inverter to safely work that the inverter either emits an audible alarm to inform you that the device has to be shut off or in some cases, the inverter automatically shuts off.

Sometimes the fan may get stuck. When that happens, it emits an alarm to notify you to shut it off. It’s better to call in the professionals to take a look at the industrial power inverters and the fan.

Don’t ignore other funny noises

Sometimes it’s not just a beeping sound that inverters emit. It may also emit some funny noises that need your attention. Remember, any wind noise is normal from inverters.

However, if the noise seems to come from your fan, it may be because your fan needs to be cleaned. Don’t attempt to do this. Though it’s just a fan that has to be cleaned, it’s best done by professionals because the fan may have to be replaced to solve the problem. They will be a better judge of the situation.