When using an inverter, it is essential to use the correct type of battery to enhance the lifespan of both the inverter and the batteries. The wrong kind of battery may damage your inverter. 

Now, if you wonder what kind of battery you should use for your sine wave inverters, you must first understand the difference between deep and shallow cycle batteries.


A battery is a device that stores energy, which powers your device when it’s not connected to AC power. 

1. Deep cycle batteries 

Deep cycle batteries can be discharged and recharged regularly. They are typically built with thicker plates, meaning they can hold more energy. And a thicker separator layer to keep water out of the cell during its lifespan. 

This type of battery is also known as AGM or gel cells because they contain gelled electrolytes instead of traditional flooded composition.

2. Shallow cycle batteries 

Unlike deep cycles, shallow cycle batteries have thinner plates and thick separators between each cell. Therefore, shallow cycle batteries will not last nearly as long without being charged frequently. 

It’s so because their performance degrades over time due to sulfation buildup on the electrodes. This sulfation buildup causes internal resistance to prevent them from storing more energy than their capacity allows. 

What type of battery works best for inverters? 

Deep-cycle batteries work best for your sine wave inverters. Here’s why:

  • They can get discharged and recharged multiple times and produce steady power over an extended period.
  • Deep-cycle batteries have low internal resistance. So, they don’t get hot when you charge them up with solar power, unlike other lead-acid batteries.

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