Have you considered getting 2k watt power inverters or the true sine wave inverters? When you choose an AC power source, you should consider the waveform. A waveform represents how an AC (alternating current) differs as time progresses. The most common AC waveform is known as the sine wave. This wave is called a sine wave because the voltage series or current differs with the elapsed time’s sine.

There is the modified sine wave and the true sine wave products. Modified sinewave inverters provide an output voltage that fluctuates. They are designed to power only a limited selection of energy loads. If you want to run your machines according to the specifications given by the manufacturer, you should choose a source of power that has an output of pure sine waves. Pure sine waves allow motor loads to start faster and easier. They also let them run cooler because of the pure sine wave shape’s reduced harmonics. Some machines only run exclusively from a source with true sine waves. Good examples of such machines are medical equipment, laser printers, variable speed motors, and motor driven printers.

The Pure Sine Wave Inverter and a Modified Sine Wave Inverter

During a sine wave, the volts or voltage goes up and down smoothly with a seamless phase angle change. The voltage also changes polarity when it passes 0 Volts. On the other hand, the voltage goes up and down quickly during a modified sine wave. The phase angle transforms immediately and stays at 0 Volts for a while before undergoing a change in polarity.

Advantages of Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Below are some of the known advantages of pure sine wave inverters:

  • They prevent monitor glitches, crashes in computers, and weird print outs.
  • They reduce noise in audio amplifiers, fans, answering machines, fax machines, fluorescent lights, and TVs.
  • They make microwaves cook more quickly.
  • They make appliances and other machines last longer.
  • They make appliances and other devices run more efficiently without overheating.
  • They lessen the noise when running equipment for telecommunications.
  • They run motors with reduced heat at the right speed.

It is always better to have efficient helpers in running a company. Investing in true sine wave inverters or 2k watt power inverters is a much more practical move.