Bell Labs created Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) standards to help standardize the electrical equipment implemented in Regional Bell Operating Centers (RBOCs). Initially, companies and organizations in the telecommunications industry used NEBS standards, but the usefulness of the standards to various industries has significantly broadened their application.

When is a Level 2 Certificate Needed?

Even though the levels of NEBS certification — Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 — are much better understood than they were in the past, there still remains some mysteriousness surrounding when a power inverter or another type of equipment should possess a NEBS Level 2 rating.

Equipment that has a Level 1 rating meets the personnel and equipment safety requirements of GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE. Equipment that receives this rating is typically used for test purposes. After the equipment has undergone the testing process, it may be determined that it needs to possess a higher level of NEBS certification to perform well in the final application.

Like Level 1 NEBS equipment, Level 2 NEBS equipment conforms to the personnel and equipment safety requirements of GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE. However, according to Wikipedia, it also address “equipment operability in a controlled environment that will not be subjected to environmental stress.” The vagueness of this description is a cause for concern.

Level 2 Equipment in Controlled Environments

Whether it applies to a power inverter or another piece of electrical equipment, Level 2 NEBS equipment is often referenced in terms of it being implemented in data centers. This is partly because the equipment is often implemented in data centers; it is also partly because the environment of a data center is a good example of one in which Level 2 equipment thrives.

Professionals in the power inverter industry cite the “ambiguity” of NEBS Level 2 certification as the primary reason why it is rarely applied to equipment. However, there are at least three things that establish that implementing Level 2 equipment would indeed be feasible: The operating environment is indoors, no unexpected stimuli would affect the equipment, and the equipment is specifically designed to address the unique conditions of the operating environment in question.

With that said, companies that could feasibly implement Level 2 equipment often choose to implement Level 3 equipment instead. Level 3 certification means “the equipment meets all of the requirements of GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE.” However, the equipment is also certified to endure various types of adverse conditions in the operating environment, such as heavy vibration, unusual acoustics, airborne contaminants, and extreme temperatures, to name a few.

Need Help Choosing the Right Power Inverter?

Power inverters are available with all three types of NEBS certificates. If you need assistance with choosing an inverter that has the right certificate for your needs, Exeltech is here to help. We will perform an inspection of your facility and a technical evaluation of your needs in order to suggest the right equipment. For assistance choosing the right power inverter in terms of NEBS certification, call us today at (800) 886-4683, or fill out the contact form located on our website.