Inverters are an essential commodity of every household, an integral part of our lives. For example, they provide a backup power supply to our homes or commercial establishments during power cuts. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to know why sine wave inverters find more use than their counterparts.

What are sine wave inverters?

Sine wave inverters are electronic circuits that provide power backup whenever there is an outage. It stores energy in its battery in DC form and transforms it into AC form when there is a power cut.

When are sine waves inverters used?

1. To eliminate harmonic distortions

An inverter produces harmonic distortions that not only cause damage to the inverter but also minimize energy conversion. Sine wave inverters, however, safely supply power to your appliances. 

In addition, it rectifies the harmonic distortions to provide clean and uninterrupted power to the house.

2. To utilize new forms of energy

One of the unique features of sine wave inverters is that it uses modern technology like photovoltaic cells to convert different forms of new energies into electrical energy. 

And these new energies include solar energy, chemical energy, water potential energy, wind energy, etc. 

3. To save sensitive appliances

You can use sine wave inverters where there is a risk of damage to sensitive appliances as it provides clean and smooth power. The rise and fall of voltage during change-over are smooth enough in these inverters to prevent possible damage to sensitive devices. 

4. Other applications

Sine wave inverters also find use in other fields, such as systems requiring an uninterruptible power supply and appliances with AC motors. Examples are welding power, induction heating, regulating variable speed in AC motors, refrigerators, microwaves, compressors, medical equipment like oxygen concentrators, CPAP devices, etc.

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