Many prefer using 2k watt power inverters for different setups because of their lower price than units with higher watts.

However, before buying a 2000 watt inverter, it’s better to know if one fits your setup. That is to avoid causing damage to a new inverter and your equipment because of incompatibility issues.

Vital Points to Know about 2k Watt Power Inverters

First, remember that power inverters convert direct current or DC power into alternating current or AC power. That makes the electricity from your power supply suitable for your electronic equipment.

Moreover, the wattage of an inverter tells about the number of loads that you can connect to it. For 2K watt inverters, you can only connect equipment that doesn’t exceed 2000 watt.

That makes 2000 watt power inverters already suitable for many appliances at home.

It’s also common for portable use, especially for harnessing AC power from the DC power of solar panels. You can often see these inverters used in campsites and food trucks.

How to Know the Compatibility of a 2K Watt Inverter to an Equipment

As mentioned above, a 2K watt inverter can only accommodate equipment with less than 2000 watt power output. That when considering both the surge and regular power outputs of equipment.

Identifying the Watt Power Output of Equipment

To determine the wattage of an electronic item, look at its volt and amp labels. Next, multiply the two variables to get the watt power output of the equipment.

For example, a home appliance with 120volts and 2amps has a power output of 240W. However, one with 240volts and 1amp also has 240W.

Considering Surge and Running Power Outputs

A power surge is the sudden rise of electrical voltage that passes through the supply line. On the other hand, the running power is the usual power output of equipment when in operation.

Suppose you connect an electronic appliance with 2000 watts running power to a 2K power inverter. A power surge can push the power output of your equipment beyond 2000 watts and cause damage to your inverter over time.

That’s why never connect a total of 2000 watts to a 2K watt power inverter. Always think of giving some allowance for the surge power value.

For example, a 2K watt inverter can safely accommodate equipment with 1300W running power and 1500W surge output.

As a side note, you can also connect two or more pieces of equipment simultaneously to a 2K watt power inverter. Just remember that their total running and surge power output should never exceed 2000watts.

List of Electrical Appliances Compatible to a 2K Watt Inverter

There are dozens of appliances that you can run on a 2K watt power inverter. Here’s a list of the most common equipment:

  • Computers — 150W
  • Refrigerator — 1200 W
  • Microwave Oven — 1000W
  • Electric Oven — 1200W
  • Toaster — 1200W
  • Coffee Machine — 1000W
  • Blender — 500W
  • Dishwasher — 1200W to 1500W
  • Electric heaters — 1200W
  • TV Set — 250W
  • Stereo — 300W
  • Ceiling fans — 140W

The list can guide you when determining the compatibility of 2K watt inverters to certain home appliances.

However, remember to check the labels of your equipment before running it on an inverter to avoid unwanted results. After all, electronics from different brands can have varying watt power output.

Get the Best 2K Watt True Sine Wave Inverters for Your Home Appliances

A 2K watt inverter can go a long way in your home. However, you’d get better results when you choose true sine wave inverters regardless of watt capacity.

True or pure sine wave inverters are top-notch equipment for converting DC power into AC power. They ensure high efficiency for your electronic equipment and keep damages at bay.

However, if you still want more info about 2K watt power inverters, talk with Exeltech technicians now. They can guide you when buying and make sure you make the right purchase.