Are you looking to buy 2k watt power inverters

Are you unsure about which to buy- true sine wave inverters or modified sine wave inverters?

If yes, you may get your solution here. Here are four basic points that distinguish the difference between pure and modified sine wave inverters to help you make your choice. 

4 essential differences between modified and true sine wave inverters

1. Efficiency

When you look at efficiency, it’s no doubt that sine wave inverters are a much more efficient and effective emergency power source for electronic equipment and appliances.

However, modified sine waves are less effective and can quickly wear out devices it powers. 

2. Compatibility

The inverter must be compatible and safe to power the different appliances, where sine wave inverters shine. They are a preferred choice because of their increased efficiency and quality.

And once again, it’s the true sine wave inverters that are more compatible with appliances. Modified sine wave variants are not compatible and can affect the smooth functioning of devices. 

3. Power consumption 

Sine wave inverters are designed to be more effective in ensuring minimal power consumption while powering appliances. Modified sine wave inverters, however, have low power efficiency and thus tend to consume power. 

4. Cost

Looking at the above factors, it’s not surprising to learn that true sine wave inverters are more expensive than modified sine wave inverters. True sine wave inverters are more power-efficient, consume less power, and are compatible with most appliances. 

Some people on a low budget may opt for modified sine wave inverters.

However, it’s at risk of it reducing the appliance life and durability.

Investing a little more for a more efficient and compatible true sine wave inverter sometimes makes it worth the investment.