2k watt power inverters are true sine wave inverters, and the most efficient inverter available. Though expensive, it’s an investment worth making considering how safely it can power even the most sensitive electronics. 

These inverters run on the most sophisticated technology to safely power sensitive electronics with microprocessors like microwave ovens and computers.

These devices may end up damaged if they don’t receive the right power. It’s also useful at powering the so many sensitive monitors and other equipment used in hospitals. 

How different are true sine wave inverters from modified and square inverters?

Well, the most crucial difference is that true sine wave inverters are a more technologically sophisticated and advanced option. So while modified sine wave inverters are useful and affordably priced, they are not meant for powering sensitive electronics.

They are better used to power equipment like air conditioners, heaters, and phone chargers. Square power inverters, in turn, are meant to power simple machinery. 

2k watt power inverters are safe to work practically anything without damaging anything. This is why they are a better alternative power option in places where electronics have to work flawlessly, like in hospitals.

Buy from a reputed vendor

Even their backup generators are equipped with pure sine wave inverters to ensure continuous power supply for the sensitive equipment. Sometimes the continual power these inverters produce to the sensitive hospital equipment can be the difference between a patient’s life and death. 

Just make sure that you buy your true sine wave inverters from a reputable vendor like Exeltech. They now only have a wide range of inverters to choose from; their executives are always ready to help you make a choice.