An inverter manufacturer and an inverter vendor aren’t always mutually exclusive entities. Some manufacturers choose to sell their products strictly through vendor channels, while other manufacturers essentially serve as their own vendors and use their manufacturing expertise to inform the sales and marketing process and provide a high-level of customer service.

If you have the opportunity to purchase a power inverter from an independent vendor or a inverter manufacturer that performs its own vending, which is the better choice? That’s the question that we answer in this entry, citing four major benefits of buying your equipment from an inverter manufacturer instead of acquiring it from a vendor that serves as a middleman.

1. Manufacturers Provide More Product Knowledge

An inverter vendor typically possesses enough knowledge about what it sells as is necessary to make the sale. If you have in-depth questions about how a particular inverter is engineered or specific questions about the manufacturer’s quality control process, you’re likelier to get the information you need by going straight to the source: The inverter manufacturer that created the product.

2. Manufacturers Provide Better Technical Support

Power inverters are complex equipment that is often implemented in environments that feature other complex electrical equipment. Consequently, it’s only natural for customers to seek pre-sale technical support for selecting the right product and post-sale technical support for implementing and operating the equipment. Due to its superior knowledge of its products and environments in which they are used, a manufacturer is better equipped to provide support.

3. Manufacturers Can Offer Lower Prices

Manufacturers generally offer better price points for their products than vendors. Because a vendor serves as a middleman between you and the manufacturer, it applies a markup to the price of an inverter to earn a profit. Manufacturers that don’t use middlemen can typically afford to sell equipment for less than a vendor would. This benefits you by giving you a lower price. It benefits the manufacturer by helping it sell products faster.

4. Manufacturers Can Create Custom Equipment

If you need to buy a custom power inverter to meet a unique set of operating requirements, getting it from a manufacturer isn’t just your best option, it’s practically your only option. Not every inverter manufacturer takes custom orders, but those that do can open up your product options to a whole new range of equipment. Most vendors only sell ready to ship equipment.

Need to Acquire a Power Inverter?

If so, getting your inverter from us is a great option. In addition to manufacturing competitively priced, best in class power inverters, we also sell the products we manufacture. This lets us provide you with pre-sale technical support for choosing the best product plus post-sale support for answering questions about the implementation and operation of our inverters. In addition, we can also manufacture custom equipment that is perfectly tailored to your unique requirements.

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