Unfortunately, power outages do happen, and it’s better to be ready for it than not. An uninterrupted power supply is what you need in an industry to minimize downtime.

You have the option of investing in either generators or inverters for continual power supply. Read on to find out why inverters make better investment and choice than generators. 

Contains stored energy

The most important benefit is that industrial power inverters come with stored energy, and automatically provides power in an outage. However, generators burn fuel to produce energy, so you have to switch it on if there’s a power outage. It may take valuable time, and can in many times, upset your work and production. 

Not bulky

Secondly, inverters are not so bulky in structure. The size mainly depends on the number of batteries connected to it. It is in contrast with generators, which can get rather heavy and cumbersome, requiring a metal frame and wheels to move around. They are technically portable, but it’s not its forte. 


Thirdly, generators produce a lot of noise, which can be irritating in the long run. Industrial power inverters, on the contrary, hardly produce any noise at all. They are a quieter and better power source for any establishment. 

No smoke

Another reason to invest in inverters is that it does not produce any smoke because it doesn’t burn any fuel to provide electricity. On the contrary, generators emit a lot of smoke and pollute the air because of the fossil fuel it burns. In short, you could consider inverters to be an eco-friendly form of backup power when compared to generators. 


Last, but not least, generators are more expensive to use because there’s diesel you need to keep buying.  Inverters do not incur any additional cost because it stores energy from the grid to use if and when required. 

Now that you know that inverters are a better power backup option, your Exeltech professional can help you select the right inverters for your power needs.