Gone are the days when you had to choose your inverters between industrial power inverters and standard power inverters. There is now a new competitor on the market today called modular inverters.

You may wonder what modular inverters are, and what is so special about them. Well, the main difference is that they are more expensive than standard industrial inverters.

This is for a reason, which is that any part of the unit can be easily replaced without having to shut off the inverter and stop your work and worry about downtime.

Benefits of modular inverters

Modular inverters are a better investment in cases or situations where you need continuous power. The other benefits of modular inverters are:

  •  They don’t need much time or money spent on repairs and maintenance. This is because you don’t have to repair the entire unit if there are problems. You just have to remove the faulty unit, repair and affix it while the inverter is still working.
  • This is why these inverters are also easy to maintain. As mentioned earlier, you can maintain one unit at a time, if you have a time restraint.
  • Modular inverters are cost-efficient industrial power inverters because you don’t have to change the entire unit if there’s a problem. You repair or may have to replace only the faulty unit giving problems.
  • You don’t even have to worry about shutting down your factory, and losing money or income because the inverter can be repaired and replaced without any downtime.
  • These inverters come with a standardized footprint so that customers know the amount of room they will require for the unit. You can thus adjust and accommodate it so that it fits into your existing space.

It is these benefits that make modular inverters much better industrial power inverters. Industries always look to ensure maximum productivity and profits, with minimal downtime, which can be achieved through these inverters.