Modular inverters have been around for more than a decade and within this short time span has managed to create a strong presence in its niche. Today they are considered to be the better choice as industrial power inverters.

Customers showed some initial reluctance to adapt to these modular inverters without transformers after using inverters with transformers for so long. It is thanks to the following technological advancements and benefits that have helped them carve their place in the industrial power inverter niche.

1. Reliability

It is the fact that these inverters can be relied on to provide continuous power to keep any system running during outages and in faulty conditions that make them so popular. Factory equipment needs to function with minimal downtime, which is exactly what modular inverters help them achieve.

2. Weight and size

The absence of power chokes and transformers in these industrial power inverters give them an added advantage. It makes them smaller and lighter than other conventional inverters, which in turn leads to cheaper shipping and storage.

Even those looking for a larger unit will be pleased to know that the larger modular inverters with an extra module end up twice as small as regular parallel UPS systems.

3. Working efficiency

The fact that these modular inverters work without the help of any transformers let them reach as much as 96% working efficiency.

4. Easier repair with easily available spare parts

Technicians prefer working with these industrial power inverters because they are structured in modules. This helps them conduct repairs by replacing the faulty module with a temporary unit so that the machinery remains functioning till the faulty module is repaired. Spare parts for modular inverters are also easily available, which ensure minimal downtime and quicker repair.

These four benefits show that these industrial power inverters are indeed a better choice than the standard ones, giving you much more power for your money.