Why pure sine wave inverters are so popular today

Sine wave inverters are growing in popularity in the inverter market because of their increased efficiency. These inverters convert direct current or DC from batteries to alternating current or AC, the power you get at home.

They come in two types-pure and modified sine wave inverters. Both work in about the same manner, but with a few differences. First of all, the modified versions are cheaper but pure sine wave inverters are better.

Modified sine wave inverters make noise

The modified sine wave inverters send energy out in block-like waves and the pure sine wave ones produce energy in arching waves. While both of them work at getting power, sensitive equipment like fans, radios and lights will make noise and get hot if powered by a modified inverter.

So in the long run, these inverters not only make things irritating with their noise, but the constant power can shorten the devices’ lifespan. This is why pure sine wave inverters make a better choice.

Pure sine wave inverters produce less heat

They can match or even exceed the power found in vocational homes and businesses. These industrial power inverters are also safe for use in industries because they can withstand the demands of industrial and commercial use. The reduced harmonics in them leads to reduced heating.

Ideal for quiet environments

Pure sine wave inverters make a better choice for powering sensitive machinery and equipment. Because they reduce the noise produced, they are ideal to use in places where there shouldn’t be too much noise, like in hospital recovery units.

They also work great for answering machines, televisions and fluorescent lights and can help you cook better and more quickly in microwaves.

Looking at the differences between modified and pure sine wave inverters, and their benefits, it’s no wonder there is a heightened demand and need for pure sine wave inverters.