Many companies tend to have their in-house maintenance personnel maintain their industrial power inverters. However, it’s not that safe because only someone who thoroughly knows how these inverters work will be able to service them well. They are the manufacturer or a knowledgeable third-party provider. If you find it difficult making the choice, here are some criteria that will help you compare and decide.

1. Service cost

It’s cheaper hiring third-party providers because manufacturers charge 50% higher than they do. There are even some companies that charge an additional reinstatement fee if you first use their services, switch to a third party provider, and then switch back to them.

2. Technical know-how

It is true that the manufacturers will have much more knowledge about their machines and how they work when compared to third-party providers. However, they can only maintain their own brand of inverters. This makes them a poor choice if you have lots of equipment of different brands needing periodic maintenance. In this case, a third party provider is better for maintaining all your equipment.

3. Availability of parts

There is always the risk of third-party providers not having replacement parts for your inverter ready. So if you can’t afford to wait for them to order and get your parts, manufacturers are better because they always have the parts in production.

However, sometimes manufacturers may not have parts for legacy equipment produced years ago. This is because stocking up on these parts, and technicians who service old models gives lower ROI for them.

4. Quick response

There is no clear winner here because different inverter manufacturers and third-party providers have different response times. Sometimes the manufacturer may require 24 hours to respond, and sometimes they can come within 2 hours.

The same applies to third-party providers. It’s better to go through their individual customer reviews and testimonials to decide who generally gives a faster response time to inverter repairs.

Based on these 4 comparisons, it looks like third-party providers are generally a better option to regularly service your industrial power inverters.