You usually consider buying any regular inverter for your domestic lighting backup needs. These standard inverters are generally square wave inverters, which converts the battery’s stored DC power into AC power current.

Smoother waveforms

However, the better and more expensive true sine wave inverters produce smoother waveforms. This is the main reason to consider investing in sine wave inverters. 


Besides, the battery efficiency at converting DC power into AC is about 90-95% in high-quality pure sine wave inverters. However, it’s less efficient, at 75-85%, in the lower quality modified sine wave inverters. The square wave inverters are even lower in quality, which leads to more conversion loss, and consequent higher utility bills. 

Different waveform

Another essential reason to invest in 2k watt inverters is the shape of its output waveform. Sine waves are quite similar to grid power, which means it’s safe and suitable for powering your appliances. It’s is unlike the square wave output you get from regular inverters. 

On the contrary, modified sine wave inverters have an upgraded square waveform type with an extra step or so. This makes motored appliances like refrigerators and fans consume more power because of its lower efficiency. This, in turn, increases running costs. 

Safe on sensitive instruments

Most importantly, pure sine wave inverters are safest and best for powering your sensitive instruments like smartphones and laptops when power fails. They make the perfect investment to provide backup power to companies that have lots of expensive devices running on motors. 

 Your Exeltech consultant will guide and help you in selecting the right inverter for your individual power needs.