Most people are of the impression that they can use their industrial power inverters to power as many electrical appliances s they want. However, this is something all inverter manufacturers advise against. 

It is because overloading inverters is risky. It may lead to an explosion, or it may damage the inverter. That is the reason why inverter manufacturers tell you your inverter’s capacity when you buy it.

It is to ensure you do not overload it with high electrical devices or appliances. It is also better to maintain a habit of unplugging machines that are not in use. The benefit of doing this is that it helps reduce the power inverter’s load, which in turn helps extend its lifespan. 

Keep inverters away from heat, flames and children’s reach

Do not keep industrial power inverters near any heat or flames because it only damaged the inverter. Besides, it is not suitable for the inverter and battery. Similarly, keep children away from inverters.

It is because children, especially the young ones, always have some toy or the other on them. There is thus the risk of their spilling something on the inverter or playing carelessly with it. This can, in turn, lead to a full or partial electric shock to the child, and a damaged inverter.  

Exeltech technicians will always help you out

Don’t worry if you are not sure how many appliances you can use with your industrial power inverters. All you have to do is consult any technician at Exeltech.

They will guide you into assessing how the inverter can safely power many appliances. They will also tell you where you should safely place it and keep it away from fire, heat, and children.