Is your inverter so old that it no longer works? Or perhaps you don’t have an inverter at all? 

If your answer to the above questions is yes, you might consider purchasing 2K watt power inverters for your home. 

And if you wonder why to invest in this inverter when there are other options, here is the answer:

  • These true sine wave inverters are reasonably priced. 
  • You can run almost all appliances with these inverters. 
  • They require easy maintenance. 
  • They are durable and can provide power for a longer duration. 
  • They are portable; you can carry them on your trips for an uninterrupted power supply.

What is the starting and running power of 2K watt power inverters?

Before you know what appliances you can run on a 2K watt power inverter, you need to know two important terms. One is starting or surge power the second is running power. 

These terms help determine what appliances you can power with your inverter.

Running or surge power is the instant initial power of an inverter you get as soon as you switch it on. The power is high but lasts only for a few seconds. The devices that operate on motors, such as hair dryers, use surge power to start working.

Contrary to this, running power is the power a device requires to run smoothly for a long time. It has considerably low value but lasts as long as the device operates—for example, lightbulbs, toasters, microwaves, etc., do not require surge power to work.

How to determine your power requirements?

Before purchasing an inverter, you need to know terms like starting and running powers to calculate the total wattage required by all the devices you want to operate on your inverter. 

Once you decide the appliances you want to operate, the next step is to add surge and the running power of these appliances. 

This wattage depicts your total wattage requirement and helps you decide which pure sine wave inverter is a good choice.

Why your home needs 2k watt power inverters

You may wonder why your home needs a 2K watt inverter. It’s because your home has various devices requiring various wattages. And these true sine wave inverters cover the entire range of devices, from a high-watt hair dryer to a low-watt light bulb.

But it’s up to you to decide what devices you want to power simultaneously and which devices you should turn off with the inverter. 

Here’s a list of appliances you can run with a 2K watt true sine wave inverter:

Kitchen appliances 

  1. Freezer-600 watts
  2. Toaster-1200 watts
  3. Refrigerator-750 watts
  4. Microwave/Coffeemaker-1000 watts

Cooling or heating devices

  1. Ceiling Fan-140 watts 
  2. Electric heaters-1200 watts

Communication/entertainment devices

  • Television-250 watts
  • Computer-150 watts

Factor to consider before purchasing 2k watt power inverters

Here are three significant factors to look out for before investing in these true sine wave inverters:


Efficiency is the most crucial factor to consider before buying the inverter. Therefore, check all the specifications mentioned on an inverter.


Next comes the size or the output generated by an inverter. Consider all your requirements and opt for an appropriately sized inverter.

Operating time

You need to check how long the inverter will supply power in case of an outage. 

If it meets your power requirements, go ahead with it. But before that, check the battery’s capacity and the number of devices you’ll operate on your inverter.


These true sine wave inverters can power most of your essential domestic appliances during power outages. So if you correctly calculate your requirements, you can bring home the correct inverter.

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