There is a common misunderstanding that modified sine wave inverters can do more harm than good to electronics. 

Well, it’s not entirely wrong, nor is it true. The problem is that while it’s not technically wrong to use modified sine wave inverters with your electronics, there are some risks involved. 

Indeed, these sine wave inverters can potentially damage some types of electronic devices. You could say that this is more a case of an exception than a rule. 

The type of electronics used

It’s because it all depends on the electronics you use with it. 

There are generally two main types of electronics you should be worried about using with your modified sine wave inverters. 

They are those appliances that run on AC motors, and then there are those specific classes of delicate medical equipment. 

So if your electronics don’t belong to either of these groups, then it’s improbable that your modified sine wave inverters will damage them. A pure sine wave inverter is a better choice for use with those electronics.

However, with its feasibility, it is the fact that these pure sine wave inverters need extra care, which may, in some cases, be considered a waste of time. 

So, in a nutshell, it all depends on the electronics you use. 

If you are still apprehensive about whether or not your electronics are safe with modified sine wave inverters, you can always turn to Exeltech professionals for help and guidance with the right inverter to use with your electronics.