The reason you may be wondering about this is because you may have heard some myths about modified sine waves damaging devices.

And you naturally wonder if it’s true.

Well, you may be surprised to know that this is not true because this is indeed a misconception.

The only way and situation where modified sine wave inverters may harm some electronics are if it powers something requiring pure sine wave inverters.

And there is a reason for this.

Modular sine wave inverters do not produce a gentle and untainted flow of electricity like the pure sine wave inverters do.

It, in the process, leads to an excessive build up of heat inside the device. It will also with time lead to the device’s and battery’s wear and tear, and possible device damage.

Most devices are safe with modular sine wave inverters

But as long as modular sine wave inverters are meant to power the device, it will not damage it. And fortunately, most electronics are safe with modular sine wave inverters.

It is generally the more sophisticated and sensitive devices like microwaves that require pure sine wave, and not modular sine wave inverters.

In other words, modular sine wave inverters can safely power electronics that are not so sensitive like radios and televisions. They are also a great source of power for camping trips, where most devices used will not be so technologically advanced.

While modular sine wave inverters are generally safe with laptops, pure sine wave inverters are a better choice for the latest technologically advanced models.

The best way to ascertain if modular sine wave inverters are safe or not is by checking the device’s power manual.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. So it’s better to prevent untoward accidents and equipment damage by using the right inverters for all your alternative power requirements.  Your Exeltech technicians are always ready and on-hand to clear any doubts you may have about your inverters.