Are you thinking about buying industrial power inverters? Are you fed up with the downtime incurred by power outages? If yes, you have to wisely choose your industrial power inverters, and avoid making these mistakes.

· Wrong size

There are standard inverters that come in various sizes. This is why you can’t just pick up the first inverter you set your eyes on. It has to be big enough to handle your power load. The wrong sized inverters will mean an unnecessary expense if it’s too big or a useless unit if it’s too small.

If you predict you may need more power in the future, it’s better to buy a modular inverter that’s enough for your present consumption. You can then add or remove modules as and when needed.

· Not measuring space

Make sure you buy industrial power inverters that will fit into their allocated space. You will know best by measuring the space defined for the inverter before going to look for one. There’s nothing more irritating than buying industrial power inverters that don’t fit in your establishment.

· Adjusting with whatever there is

Never make the mistake of ‘adjusting’ and buying standard sized industrial power inverters. If you find that the inverter manufacturer does not have your size, and if you are not interested in modular inverters, it’s better to consider buying customized inverters.

Yes, there are inverter manufacturers like Exeltech that will build an inverter based on your power needs. Of course, they are more expensive than standard units, but it’s worth it. You know they will provide your equipment with the necessary power during outages.

As long as you avoid these three mistakes, you are practically assured of buying the right industrial power inverters for your power needs.