The Benefits of Using a Custom Inverter

If your organization needs a new inverter, it has one of two options: purchase an inverter that is readymade, or buy one that is custom designed for its unique electricity conduction needs. In many cases, implementing a ready made inverter will work fine, but there are also situations in... [Read More]

Inverter Manufacturers: How is One Manufacturer Distinguished From Another?

If your company is in the market for a new inverter, comparing inverter manufacturers using the following criteria is one of the best ways to make the right purchase: a manufacturer’s area of specialization, the product certifications its inverters possess, its manufacturing capabilities, and its quality of customer service.... [Read More]

Commercial Power Inverters: Frequently Asked Questions

  Commercial power inverters are designed to meet the needs of companies and organizations whose complex power systems require commercial grade electricity conduction equipment. If you have been tasked with selecting an inverter to solve an electricity need, and you don’t have a great deal of experience in making... [Read More]

Pros and Cons of Using a Custom Inverter

The vast majority of inverters that are sold in the U.S. feature conventional capabilities that meet the needs of wide range of end users. But there are also situations in which a readymade inverter does not meet a company’s needs. In these situations, the best option is often to... [Read More]

When Do Power Inverters Need NEBS Level 3 Certification?

Bell Labs created Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certifications in the 1970s to help standardize electrical equipment that is implemented in the Central Offices (COs) of Regional Bell Operating Centers (RBOCs). Today, NEBS Level 3 certification is used in the telecommunications industry and beyond to denote electrical equipment that is... [Read More]

Evaluating Inverter Manufacturers: Frequently Asked Questions

Like other types of equipment manufacturers, inverter manufacturers can differ from each other in important ways. For companies that need to invest in power inverters, evaluating inverter manufacturers is a crucial part of assessing whether the equipment they sell offers what is needed, and what level of customer service... [Read More]

Four Signs That You Need Custom Inverter

When they need an inverter, most companies buy a mass produced model that can be quickly implemented within the electrical system. However, there are also situations in which ready made inverters don’t meet a company’s power needs. In these situations, investing in a custom inverter is often the best... [Read More]

Harnessing Solar Energy With Power Inverters

The first solar panels were created over four decades ago, but their inefficiency made them unpopular with all but the most committed users of green energy at a time when green energy wasn’t popular. That a single panel could cost hundreds of dollars at a time when this amount... [Read More]

Inverter Manufacturers: Why Choose Exeltech?

There are plenty of inverter manufacturers that would happily sell you their products, but some manufacturers offer better products and services than others. At Exeltech, we believe that purchasing our power conduction equipment is the best option for at least four reasons: we provide customers with exceptional technical assistance,... [Read More]

When Do You Need A Custom Inverter?

When most companies need inverters, they simply buy them online or in store, and quickly implement them within their buildings’ electrical systems. However, there are also times when readymade frequency inverters don’t meet a company’s needs. In these situations, custom inverters must be manufactured to address the requirements of... [Read More]