Four Signs That You Need Custom Inverter

When they need an inverter, most companies buy a mass produced model that can be quickly implemented within the electrical system. However, there are also situations in which ready made inverters don’t meet a company’s power needs. In these situations, investing in a custom inverter is often the best... [Read More]

Harnessing Solar Energy With Power Inverters

The first solar panels were created over four decades ago, but their inefficiency made them unpopular with all but the most committed users of green energy at a time when green energy wasn’t popular. That a single panel could cost hundreds of dollars at a time when this amount... [Read More]

Inverter Manufacturers: Why Choose Exeltech?

There are plenty of inverter manufacturers that would happily sell you their products, but some manufacturers offer better products and services than others. At Exeltech, we believe that purchasing our power conduction equipment is the best option for at least four reasons: we provide customers with exceptional technical assistance,... [Read More]

When Do You Need A Custom Inverter?

When most companies need inverters, they simply buy them online or in store, and quickly implement them within their buildings’ electrical systems. However, there are also times when readymade frequency inverters don’t meet a company’s needs. In these situations, custom inverters must be manufactured to address the requirements of... [Read More]

Power Inverters: What Do the Different Levels of NEBS Certification Mean?

In the 1970s, Bell Labs created a set of standards for electricity conduction equipment that is used in a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) Central Office (CO). The standards comprise what is known as Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certification. Power inverters and other electricity conduction equipment can attain one... [Read More]

Four Things Inverter Manufacturers Should Reveal About Their Products

If you plan to purchase a power inverter, it is important to investigate the product before you buy it to ensure that it offers the features you need in a power inverter. Inverter manufacturers can expedite your investigation by revealing the load capacity of the device, the construction grade... [Read More]

When Do You Need a Custom Inverter?

If your organization is shopping for a frequency inverter that it can’t find on store shelves or the internet, it may be in the market for a custom inverter. Some companies shy away from purchasing a custom inverter when the cost exceeds the price of a conventional inverter. However,... [Read More]

How to Select Power Inverters: An Overview

Power inverters convert Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC). However, beyond their obvious similarity, the pieces of equipment can be quite different. Therefore, it is important to develop a set of criteria to assess whether a power inverter truly meets your electricity conduction needs. If this is your... [Read More]

Inverter Manufacturers: Does It Matter From Whom You Buy Inverters?

At first glance, many inverter manufacturers seem the same, with the only differences being the brand of equipment they produce and what the equipment is used for, such as solar power conversion, UPS power conversion, or tying into the electrical grid. However, when you look past the obvious differences,... [Read More]

Three Reasons Why You May Need a Custom Inverter

Most power inverters are purchased online or in store as ready made products. But what happens when you need a special type of inverter that you can’t seem to find for sale? The answer is simple: work with an inverter manufacturer that can design a customer power inverter that... [Read More]