The Benefits of Power Inverter Customization

An inverter manufacturer usually earns most of its revenue from selling stock equipment that is ready for immediate shipment and implementation. In some cases, a large percentage of the remaining revenue comes from the sale of custom equipment, which is manufactured to meet the needs of a particular customer.... [Read More]

Sine Wave Power Inverters & Benefits of TL 9000 Certification

In 1998, QuEST Forum, an organization that identifies itself as a “global association of companies dedicated to impacting the quality and sustainability of products and services in the ICT industry” developed TL 9000 certification as a quality management program that focuses on “supply chain directives... [Read More]

What are the Benefits of using a Frequency Converter With an Electric Motor?

Variable speed electric motors play a crucial role in supporting building systems, including HVAC, exhaust, and manufacturing lines. Industrial motors that are built power to these systems, and are not kept running at all times, can benefit from being connected to a frequency converter — a device that converts... [Read More]

Why Buy From an Inverter Manufacturer Instead of a Vendor?

An inverter manufacturer and an inverter vendor aren’t always mutually exclusive entities. Some manufacturers choose to sell their products strictly through vendor channels, while other manufacturers essentially serve as their own vendors and use their manufacturing expertise to inform the sales and marketing process and provide a high-level of... [Read More]

Making an Informed Decision When Buying a Sine Wave Inverter

For many organizations, sine wave power inverters are a significant purchase in terms of price and the essential role they play in the operating environment. If this applies to your organization, it’s important to perform your due diligence and research the inverter you plan to buy before you make... [Read More]

Four Reasons Why Custom Power Inverters Are a Sound Investment

Most power inverters that are sold in the U.S. and beyond consist of standard, ready made equipment that can meet the needs of a broad swath of end users. However, there are also plenty of situations that justify the creation of custom power inverters, such as high wattage loads... [Read More]

Four Crucial Criteria for Evaluating Inverter Manufacturers

Like most other products, the quality of power inverters is largely shaped by the manufacturers that produce them. The customer service experience for inverter buyers is also primarily defined by inverter manufacturers. How should your company or organization go about identifying manufacturers that are poised to deliver high-quality equipment... [Read More]

Essential Tips for Servicing Energized Sine Wave Inverters

Most sine wave inverters are serviced after they are powered off, not while they are still energized. This is because powering off the equipment before it is serviced helps protect the servicer and the equipment. However, there are some situations in which an inverter must be serviced while still... [Read More]

Custom Power Inverters: Important Customization Options

Most companies and organizations that need power inverters can find readymade products that meet their electricity conduction needs. However, it also quite common for end users to require custom power inverters that address a unique set of electricity conduction requirements. If you think that your company or organization may... [Read More]

How an Inverter Manufacturer Impacts Equipment Quality

The overall quality of an inverter depends on more than specifications of the equipment. It also depends on the practices of the inverter manufacturer that produces the equipment. This why it is helpful to gain as much information about the manufacturing process as possible before you make a purchase.... [Read More]